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Extraction–transformation–loading (ETL) tools are pieces of software responsible for the extraction of data from several sources, its cleansing, customization, reformatting, integration, and insertion into a data warehouse.

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The capacity planner provides a visual representation of your organisation's capability to deliver on projects and means you can easily understand the optimum mix of projects based on your staff, skill capacity and recruitment plans.

The capacity planning tools in i Plan Ware seamlessly integrates with management High level capacity plans can be used to capture resource demand forecasts for project work and business as usual activities (BAU) such as support.

Claim fraud, employee theft, claim fabrication client privacy issues, bad faith, system interruptions, are only a few operational risks that must be quantified under Solvency II.

A really important problem is the poor quality of data for the calculations.

Note that a mistake was found in the gridding of emissions for Croatia for 2007 after the printed country reports had been posted.

Corrected source-receptor matrices can be found in this document.Resourcing needs can be described using both actual or generic skill placeholders.Real-time capacity dashboards highlight staffing shortfalls or over supply and can be summarised by pool, role or individual staff member.Although there is a solution, to supplement internal loss data with external loss data from consortia such as ORX and ORIC, this creates some other difficult problems: To ensure reliability, consistency and good aggregation. From the paper From the European Parliament legislative resolution of 22 April 2009 on the amended proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the taking-up and pursuit of the business of Insurance and Reinsurance Operational risk means the risk of loss arising from inadequate or failed internal processes, or from personnel and systems, or from external events; 1.Insurance and reinsurance undertakings shall have in place an effective risk management system comprising strategies, processes and reporting procedures necessary to identify, measure, monitor, manage and report, on a continuous basis the risks, on an individual and aggregated level, to which they are or could be exposed, and their interdependencies.In spite of the importance of ETL processes, little research has been done in this area due to its complexity.

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