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At The Disco Pantene Papa Jonas Paper Mag PAPER Magazine Papyrus Paramore Paris Paris Fashion Week Paris Hilton Paris Jackson Parsons School Of Design Party Favors Party in the U. The out-of-work actress has been politically active in the last year, as she’s tried to lead Hollywood’s charge in helping Syrian refugees.

While she’s been hesitant to come back to the United States or comment on its national politics, new tweets make it seem like she’s coming out of her political shell.

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Michael bay dating meghan fox

movie which is in the process of being re-written presumably to include, “Dude, just TONS of scenes where the Turtles are nailing her.

I’m talking ninja fight, then BOOM, Donatello’s on it. On that note, I’ll be playing all four, and they use C4 instead of gay weapons now.

En effet, la comédienne a décidé de reprendre contact avec Michael Bay.

Elle joue d'ailleurs dans son dernier film, le remake des Tortues Ninjas.

So we guess Michael Bay really wasn't offended by Megan Fox's Hitler comments after all!

Or maybe he just realizes Megan is a hot, talented piece of action and would be perfect for an edgy remake of beloved Comic Book classic, — so much so that Megan was FIRED from the third film for calling Michael Bay some shittay things — the Hollywood heavyweight director/producer will apparently be working alongside Megan on the upcoming My, what a dysfunctional family Michael seems to have! Nah, we're glad these two have gotten over their various issues and can work with each once again…

It’s been almost four years since Steven Spielberg made Michael Bay fire Megan Fox after she called him Hitler causing her career to basically flatline even though she thought she was Jesus’ gift to movies and not at all one of eight million girls who get off a bus in LA everyday and are fully capable of washing a Ferrari.

But now that she has a baby to support and her husband’s only famous for playing Tori Spelling’s boyfriend 20 years ago, Megan Fox realized she should probably go crawling back to Michael Bay before she turns 28 and might as well be his grandmother.

Il faut dire que Megan Fox n'y était pas allée avec le dos de la cuillère quand elle avait fait part de quelques critiques sur le comportement de Michael Bay. Du coup, Megan Fox a été remplacée par Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pour Transformers 3, qui sortira le 29 juin prochain.

Interrogée par le magazine britannique Wonderland, l'actrice avait ainsi comparé Michael Bay à... « Il veut être comme Hitler sur ses tournages, et il l'est. Shia La Beouf et moi on échappe de peu à la mort quand on tourne un Transformers », avait-elle ainsi déclaré. Shia La Beouf, qui a partagé l'affiche avec l'actrice sur les deux premiers films, estime également que Megan Fox est allée trop loin.

L'actrice, qui ne manque pas de culot, a trouvé "agréable" de travailler avec le réalisateur américain.

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