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However, producers couldn’t get over how much they liked Berkeley, so the part of Jessie Spano was written just for her.8) Slater and Zack were intended to fight over Kelly, Reggie and Archie style, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez had a budding bromance off-set, and producers couldn’t bear to not let their characters be best friends, too.

His attorney Thomas Alberti filed a motion, obtained by "The State is in possession of photographs and/or Police Officer statements that may reasonably conclude that Amanda Schutz had been punched in the face and forcibly held by more than one adult male," Alberti wrote.

"[Diamond] produced a pocketknife in a desperate attempt to defend his [fiancée] from further harm.

“He comes with his beautiful wife and it’s kind of a double date between myself and my husband and [Mark] and his wife.”Such is the nature of Thiessen’s amiable cooking show, which partners her lifelong love of home cooking (“I’ve always had a passion and a love for food and cooking, since I can remember, being in the kitchen with my mom and the ladies in my family, my aunt, my grandmother”) with her many showbiz years’ worth of celebrity friendships.

Other guests this season include Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, Cheri Oteri, Missi Pyle, Bill Bellamy, Daisy Fuentes, Ethan Embry, and, most exciting to this writer (other than M. G., of course), the —Thiessen’s probably most naturally marries the cooking with the celebrity, because the celebrity aspect is put front and center.

Here are 30 secrets about this beloved sitcom that will blow your mind away.

1) Cast member Dustin Diamond, who played Screech, was apparently disliked by everyone else in the cast. His 2010 book many say, is filled with made-up stories and exaggerations … 5) The character of Lisa Turtle, played by Lark Voorhies, was originally written as a spoiled Jewish teen from Long Island. It's another mini-reunion for the kids of Bayside High.Former co-stars Tiffani Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar posed together with their spouses in a happy photo Thiessen shared with her Instagram followers on Tuesday.10) Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s physique bulked up considerably between Saved By The Bell and its spin-off, Saved By The Bell: The College Years, leading to public suspicion of his use of steroids.Although people, that could have just been some majorly delayed puberty.Though, Thiessen says the transition from actress to host isn’t always easy.

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