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From fantastic florals to bold, geometric designs, you'll love how each one of these rug hooking patterns reflects the best qualities of the season.magazine is the leading resource for artists who design and create hooked rugs.It’s an odd way to think about an institution dedicated to occupational training, if you think about.?

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To really understand, we have to go back, back three hundred years at least, to when college was not fun at all.

Read: The Top 10 Party Schools In America During the colonial era in the U.

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, we meet Owen, a Californian freshman who admits that his first semester was one of the most “interesting, exciting, and strangest times of my life.” Unaccustomed to sexual experimentation at his high school of 60 students, outside of one secret fling, the tall, good-looking guy was now faced with an endless stream of meaningless hookups, “a paradise full of girls I’m attracted to.” And what’s more, they were willing to sleep with him.

Once the forgettable and largely derided realm of the Katherine Heigls/Kate Hudsons of the world, we now have TV shows (and some movies) that have turned the genre on its head, like Had the Best Coming Out Episode in Recent TV Memory Still, queer romantic comedies―let alone romantic comedies with queer people of color as the protagonists and not just the sassy best friend―are still few and far between.

Often, stories about QPOC focus on our tragedy rather than our triumphs, but as more seats are made available at the table, we can/should expect a greater diversity and range of representation.

“The best years of your life,” is how another student put it.

“Fun takes priority over sleep and rest,” she insisted, forgetting to mention studying altogether.

Maybe that’s because of a natural human desire to see the good in people, or the fact that both people often feel responsible when things don’t work out.

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