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To input this Alt codes Alt code in Microsoft Windows Windows, press and hold Alt 0149 on the numeric keypad).The bullet symbol is also generated by Alt 7 in graphic user interface GUI applications, but Alt 7 in a Windows text user interfacetext interface (such as a Win32 console application) it generates ␇ (the bell character).

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Ściągnij oprogramowanie Satco DX stąd: Instrukcja krok po kroku uruchomienia programu Satco DX na twoim komputerze: TELE The World s Largest Satellite Magazine SATELLITE & BROADBAND Biuro Redakcji TELE-satellite International PO Box Munich-Ufg NIEMCY Redaktor Alexander Wiese Wydawca TELE-satellite Medien Gmb H Aschheimer Weg Unterfoehring NIEMCY Grafika Nemeti Barna Attila 1.

Ściągnij program Satco DX w wersji 3.12 z powyższego adresu URL.

GTK applications on Linux support the Unicode input ISO 14755-conformant hex Unicode input system; hold Ctrl ⇧ Shift while tapping U, then type 2022 and press ↵ Enter to insert a • or hold Ctrl ⇧ Shift while tapping U, then type B7 and press ↵ Enter to insert a midpoint.

In historical systems Glyphs "•", "◦" and their reversed variants "◘", "◙" became available in text mode since early IBM PCs with MDA–CGA–EGA graphic adapters, because built-in VGA-compatible text mode#Fontsscreen fonts contained such forms at code points 7–10.

Also, it can be confused with bullet symbol in code page 437 and other OEM code pages (see #In historical systems section).

On Mac OS X, pressing ⌥ Opt 8 inserts a bullet, while pressing ⇧ Shift ⌥ Opt 9 inserts the similar interpunct (·).

AUSTRIA ADB TO SUPPLY IPTV BOXES TO TELEKOM AUSTRIA Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) has been selected to supply high definition, Advanced Video Coding (AVC) ADB-3800W IPTV set-top boxes to Telekom Austria for their IPTV television services.

Based on the latest data from Screen Digest, SES Astra expects Europe to have some 400 HDTV channels by 2012, with about 160 of them on satellite.

FRANCE FREE LAUNCHES NEW FEATURE IPTV provider Free has launched a new option allowing subscribers to broadcast websites on television.

The Telesite service allows customers to restrict the site to their own Freebox or available to all Free users.

PROMAX...37 REMOTEMAN...67 SEATEL...45 SMARTWI...49 SPAUN...11 STAB...41 SUBUR SEMESTA...13 TECHNIK B-SAT...63 TECHNOMATE... 2 TRIMAX...53 UNAOHM TELE-satellite & Broadband 06-07/2008 MEDIA Satellite & Broadband News E U R O P E Edited by Branislav Pekic E U R O P E ONE IN FIVE HOMES HAS HDTV SET Satellite operator SES Astra says one in five European homes now has an HDTV set, with more than 37 million HD Ready sets bought in Europe since Feb According to data drawn from Gf K Retail & Technology, almost 40 million HD Ready sets, either Plasma, LCD or rear projection, are in use, while another 24-25m flat panel sets (without the HD Ready tag) are in use.

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