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Have questions or concerns about your significant other, coworkers, family, or just relationships in general? Enter now and let our caring, close-knit community help you find the answers for yourself!


Now those perceptive guys among you may have your hands up right now waiting to ask the obvious question…

Who wants to read between the lines or guess what is really going on? It comes from a place of feeling like you don’t usually care what we have to say so we want you to put some effort in to getting us to talk so we can be sure we will be listened to.

When you chase us we feel like you want us and are willing to do some work to be with us and we don’t want that feeling to go away just because you’ve caught us.2.

For this reason even once we’re yours, even once we are sure of your feelings and you are sure of ours, we need to still feel a little bit of the chase.

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