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) Can you imagine what would happen if Saturday Night Live wasn’t planned?Yeah, there’d still be funny bits because everyone’s great at improvising, but there’d be no direction and no-one would know what to do next.All you need is an IP camera with support for H.264 over RTSP, an Internet connection and a Streamdays account.

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Stream high-quality broadcasts to any Internet-connected device.

Broadcasters can utilize a wide-range of popular encoders & apps.

It’s fair to say, you probably don’t have the kind of team around you that SNL does, so it means that it makes more sense for you to plan your live streaming.

Who are you aiming this video at and what type of topics and content will you cover to appeal to them?

We understand that choosing a camera for live streaming can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to tell which live streaming video cameras are the perfect fit for your needs. Walking into an electronics shop and asking a salesperson can be intimidating, but tackling the decision solo can also be a lot of work.

It feels like there are a million different makes & models to choose from and the prices range from 0 into the thousands. Before you start your journey, we have some tips that will help you get started, and technical lingo that will make you sound like a professional videographer.Since 2010, our streaming experts have helped setup Stream Spot customers all over the world.Regardless if you are using your own equipment to broadcast or one of our equipment packages we will help you every step of the way.Yes, with Stream Spot's Simulated-Live functionality, a previously-recorded archive or uploaded video can be scheduled to re-broadcast at a date and time you designate through the My Stream Spot® Customer Portal.In the event the number of your concurrent (at the same time) live viewers exceeds the amount provided in your plan, you will have the option to upgrade to an alternative Stream Spot plan with a higher viewer capacity; or, you can always purchase additional viewer capacity through the My Stream Spot ® Customer Portal.or for the ultimate in simplicity, check out the Stream Spot ONE Encoder or our Turn-key Streaming Bundles.

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