Adults and dating - Liquidating your marrital assessts

Property: All assets must be disclosed to your partner with an attached value.2.

Money: Money is divided in much the same way as property.3. In general property is divided evenly at the end of a marriage.2.

What can you do if your spouse has dissipated marital assets during your divorce, leaving nothing to be divided in the property settlement?

Unfortunately, some husbands will go to extreme lengths to guarantee that their wives will get nothing in the divorce.

Selling items in a consignment shop is another option.

Keep in mind you will have to pay a small fee for the convenience of using their space and items usually must be current and in good condition.

The value of the pension at the time of marriage (or cohabitation) is determined, and the owner of the pension is entitled to this amount.

The pension is then evaluated at the time of separation, and any difference in value between the date of marriage and separation is to be split between partners.With websites such as Craigslist or e Bay, it is very easy to sell small and large items alike and you can reach a wider audience.If you are considering selling antiques or collectibles you can also consider local auctions houses or selling them to a reputable dealer.All our furniture was given to us after the death of my mother and most recently my grandma. I am really at a loss and don't even know where to start or what my rights are, or what his are. Brette's Reply: You need to consult with an attorney.Leaving the home would likely be a very bad idea at this point. Kelley Asks: My soon to be ex violated our Protective order by buying a new house and car that were paid for with marital assets.If you're faced with this situation, read the suggestions from out financial advisor and legal expert.

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