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You have to login using Facebook, for now at least, and it also factors in common interests from your profile there to offer you potential mates.It then shows you people nearby who you’re well-suited to, and amusingly shows their distance in steps.

After the success of Hater, the dating app that matches you with people who hate the same things you do, we’re pretty confident Lime will have no problems hooking in users. After her recent blind date set up by an octopus was such a success, it seems like a good bet.

Could your preferred heart rate actually be the key to your heart? Their promise is to match you up with other people who are similarly obsessed with exercise — or as terminally lazy — as you are.

And now that even apes are swiping right, it may seem safe to say that online dating has finally jumped the shark.

But new dating app Lime begs to differ: ), you can sign up for Lime and find that special someone whose sedentary lifestyle matches your own underwhelming 1,000-steps-per-day average.

Chen said in an email that he had the idea to match people based on their activity level since, "it gives you a lot more to talk about, but also more activities to do together." A high step count means you're probably into exploring the outside world and would rather not waste your time matching with an indoor boy or girl.

The app works by analyzing how you move — are you more active on the weekends, every day or never? I’m a single and semi-ready to mingle lady, but the only time I ever actually use a dating app is after I’ve ingested too much pizza and I’m confined to my couch to digest while some shameful Netflix binge plays.That’s about the sum total of my physical activity and makes swiping through the sea of never-ending gym selfies and muscled ‘hunks’ more painful.After all those incompatible matches have been taken out, Lime works in the typical dating app way, swipe right on someone you like swipe left on someone you don’t.When you get a match, you can chat, or you can send through one of 3 ‘Go’ requests: “meet up now,” “go out for a coffee” or “grab a bite.” I guess these are there for the more active, ‘go-getting’ dating punters amongst us.Well here’s a dating app that aims to bring back the traditional approach of going out and meeting your date in person.

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