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In 1605, Fawkes attempted to assassinate the British Monarch King James I by blowing up the Houses of Parliament, and Harrington has spoken previously about how one of his relatives - a man named Robert Catesby - was involved in the attempted act of treason.

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The site said, in turn, that the “hard delete” really did what it promised, but that they were making it free — and also that they were beefing up their security. I am a bit worried about the site now that it’s been hacked, but I’m not overly concerned.

All that aside, why would people take the risk of tying their credit card info to such a site? I am not surprised that reporters are paying massive attention to this story … I don’t think my husband knows about my using the site, and I would like to keep it that way.

it was evident that the overwhelming majority of users were men, and I think that the website itself may have been intentionally polluted with fake female ads to lure in more guys. I have tried with my husband, but he is just not rough enough with me — he cannot be forceful enough or make me do some of the things I really want to do. I have a regular group of guys I meet with, and they mostly keep me satisfied. I have considered asking my husband for an open relationship, but I don’t think I could handle him being with other women.

I got the impression from online forums before I joined the site that Ashley Madison has an equal number of married and single male members — the single guys, of course, just being opportunistic.

And when friends had the audacity to get married on a Badger football Saturday, Steve listened to the game in church on a transistor radio stashed in the inside pocket of his tux.

Steve and Heather settled in Hudson, Wisconsin, on the border with Minnesota.

Although Steve had grown up in Pittsburgh, his UW ties ran deep.

His father, Henry, earned his UW undergraduate degree in 1954 and his master’s degree in 1955.

After their circles of friends merged, they began sitting together at Camp Randall football games, and then started dating.

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