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The culture gap between your own country and Cambodia is very wide, and that will play a massive part in any attempt at long-term romantic success with the ladies. If you want to meet a lady online, the best place to start looking is at: My recommended dating site...

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In addition to focusing on a Khmer-­language audience, Match­­­­­stix’s visuals and marketing materials come in various shades of red and pink.“So if you are—excuse my French—a sleazy 70-year-old trying to find a girl, it’s highly unlikely you’d use [Matchstix],” Ms. She acknowledged that the app’s aesthetics cannot ward off all predatory behavior among the user base—which is currently almost three-quarters male—particularly if it happens outside the digital realm.

Some 21 percent of Cam­bodian men admitted to having perpetrated rape at some point in their lives, according to a 2013 U. report, which found that just over a quarter of Cambodian women had experienced physical or sexual abuse at the hands of a partner.

News through Google, and news, photos and information through Google images, Picassa, Flickr, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon and Google Maps…. When there’s interest between Cambodia and Thailand e.g.

border issues or the possibility of damming the Mekong, its good to read what Thailand thinks about it all!

The charming Cambodian bride is well-mannered, very welcoming and generally at peace with her surroundings. She simply wants someone in her life to respect her and to be kind to her.

So if you are looking for a loyal and caring bride you should consider the Cambodian woman in all her nurturing splendor.

this is detailed but comes from outside Cambodia within Cambodia this is a good newspaper written in English with a Khmer translated insert.

Unfortunately the free internet version gives little information.

Cambodian women tend to have long dark hair and almond shaped eyes.

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