Kerio updating problems

On the downside, messages have to be relayed through a single master server in a distributed domain, which could be an issue in the event of a server or network failure.

So, if you want to skip some versions, it is highly recommended to go through this topic to make sure you meet all prerequisites of the versions being skipped.

Our Kerio Connect server runs off Apple Open Directory so before starting I put in AD along side OD, I've not integrated OD and AD, macs can authenticate fine off AD and Kerio and our mac file server exclusively use the OD accounts.

The mac version of SMB needs updating to work properly with a 2008 AD environment.

On larger networks there's now support for 'distributed domains', whereby a single messaging domain can be hosted across multiple servers in different offices.

This we found very easy to configure, enabling us to deliver a single global address book and much simpler sharing of information, task scheduling and so on — even though users were connected to servers in different geographical locations.

Kerio has huge problems with i Cal on different versions of OS X, this has knock on effects on i Phones and the calendar on webmail.

Appointments go missing are off by an hour, invites aren't sent. The other bonus of Exchange 2010 is DAGs and as were are a charity the pricing, I think it costs us about 10% of the regular retail pricing.

De gegevens van de gebruikers kunnen in Kerio worden ingevoerd, maar ook uit Microsoft Active Directory of Apple Open Directory worden gehaald.

Met de Kerio Outlook Connector is het mogelijk om Microsoft Outlook 2000 en hoger op de werkstations te gebruiken.

Today with downloading and text typing in windows wordpad it was around .

Until recently Kerio's Exchange alternative — Kerio Mail Server — has mainly sold to small businesses that are attracted by its simple management and multi-platform capabilities.

In versie 9 is onder meer ondersteuning voor IPv6 en pushmessages toegevoegd en heeft de mail-client een nieuw uiterlijk gekregen.

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