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So we decided, well, let’s start a company and let’s make a habit out of doing this on a regular basis.

The first reason we came up with was in response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

My fiancé and her husband are both from New Orleans and we both have family ties to that region, and when the Gulf oil spill happened, it just seemed like something needed to be done.

It was about seven months later and people had completely stopped talking about it, and…the problem was far from over.

Now “I really love my house,” said Sackhoff, 36, who plans to continue the renovation while she stars in the Netflix crime drama “Longmire” next year.

“It’s the best money I’ve ever spent.”What’s your favorite room?

“I went to Home Depot and bought disposable runners because he couldn’t get traction on the hardwood floors. I put him down in the house, and it was really beautiful. It was time.”In March 2015, Sackhoff began getting rid of the home’s “1986 flair,” which included maroon and pink speckled granite countertops and yellow hardwood floors.

She plans to add a fifth bedroom to the house, which has 4.5 bathrooms.Katee Sackhoff is a gorgeous babe that has an unbelievable body. Celeb Dating Buzz is all about bringing you new Katee Sackhoff updates..With boobs like hers, it’s no wonder that she gets so much attention. Visit Celeb Dating Buzz for even more Katee Sackhoff photos. I was saying today I can only hope that when Ryder and then the next kids come, they like me as much as I like my mom, you know?I was addicted to the original "Star Trek" when I was growing up, because of my dad. Helens, Oregon and we weren't allowed to watch a lot of TV.This led her to begin practicing yoga—which she continues today—and to pursue an interest in acting.

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