dating scene in seattle washington - Kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

Speedman began to make a name for himself with his appearance opposite Kate Beckinsale in Underworld.

To find a new focus outside of athletics, Speedman became interested in acting.

He went on to attend the University of Toronto and York University to study his craft.

“It’s amazing how much your blood boils immediately if you call cut and it doesn’t stop right way.

On Underworld, I was being very polite and they didn’t hear me. So now I make a point of having a megaphone during love scenes.” Surprisingly, Wiseman originally thought of Beckinsale to play the 3-breasted hooker in the film remake, but got the thumbs down from his famous wife.

Though he didn't get the part, he did gain the exposure necessary to appear on the TV movie, Net Worth.

Speedman was then approached to appear on the show Felicity, which was the base that launched him into stardom.Solo trips to the theater are a ritual he's enjoyed since he was a high school student in Toronto, when he was an elite swimmer who spent countless early mornings in the water, training furiously.Movies were an escape—he could take his mind off the pool and relax—and they still are. Becoming that well-known that quickly had a bit of a hangover to it," Speedman says.So how does he deal with watching Kate’s love scenes?“It’s just weird and it really helps that I’ve gone through that experience twice,” Wiseman told Celebuzz.He currently stars as Barry "Baz" Blackwell in the TNT crime drama series, Animal Kingdom.

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