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None of my girlfriends in Charlotte [North Carolina] knew that I was pregnant or that we even got married." "I first found out I was pregnant on February 22," she continued. So, I woke him up at 7 o'clock in the morning, crying." "I was crying, because my mind was in wedding-mode," she explained. The next week, I was going to try on wedding dresses with this lady, and I was so excited. boom, baby." But now, she's ecstatic to be a mom, and even shared her baby's first sonogram exclusively with ET!

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"[Jordan's] a couple of months along right now, so it's okay to tell everybody ...

We just wanted to get the word out." Schroeder and Lloyd met on Season 11 in 2009 and started dating the same year. "My mind was completely on wedding mode and not on baby mode -- was not expecting babies for like another two years, and, yeah, so then that's what happened." "It definitely threw us through a loop, and we were kind of like, 'Well, we need to figure this out, because the baby is going to be born October 20,'" she added.

I don't think anybody else did, or if they did, they didn't say anything until the ?

" And we were like, "Yeah."Jeff: I think, early on, I don't know what it was because I can't speak for other people if they held a grudge or were jealous, but it seemed like other teams weren't working with us. I don't know what their thinking was, but I felt that way.

The couple -- who were planning to marry in Mexico in September -- have been tracking their “road to the wedding” on their You Tube channel, Jeff and Jordan TV.

Their rep confirmed to ET that they had planned to tie the knot later this year, but when they found out they were expecting in February, they decided to secretly get hitched a few months early. as they worked through their happy news, but promised that there will plenty of updates still to come about wedding details and prenatal planning! We’re freaking out.” WATCH: Julie Chen Talks the Biggest 'Big Brother' Shock Ever, 'All Stars 2' and Embracing 'The Chenbot' The adorable pair, who were nearly giddy as they shared their happy news, promised fans that they plan to share all the details of the big day, include video from their secret nuptials, in weeks to come.alums dropped two bombshells -- that they secretly got married and are expecting their first child together -- in a You Tube video, the newlyweds were still beaming over the exciting announcement in an exclusive ET interview. WATCH: 'Big Brother' Alum Caleb Reynolds Is Ready to Take on 'Survivor' The couple was planning on having a destination wedding in Mexico in September.The 37-year-old television personality and 29-year-old former reality show contestant announced the news Wednesday on their You Tube channel, ."To be honest with you, we've been trying to wrap our heads around this," Schroeder told fans. But in the long run, it brought us closer together instead of tearing us apart. TVGuide.com: Are you worried about how you might come across or be edited here?

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