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Potter, daughter, female, age 8, born WI, Occ: School, father born Nova Scotia, mother born Nova Scotia, Nellie M.

Jacky Ido (born ) is a Burkinabe-born French actor.

His first role was as Lemalian in the 2005 German film, The White Masai.

There is also an annual $1,000 administration fee and a $5,000 annual property maintenance fee to assist with maintenance of the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park, where the plant is located (next to the Genesee County Fairgrounds on Route 5).

Hood is reportedly planning to add a 100,000-square-foot warehouse to what is already the largest dairy processing facility in the United States.

One of the Northeast's largest dairy producers now officially has a footprint in Batavia.

HP Hood, based in Lynnfield, Mass., closed on the deed to the former Muller Quaker Dairy plant on Friday, paying ,216,000 to Dairy Famers of America for the facility.He recalled special deliveries at the beginning and end of each month to check cashing establishments.When he would drive up, he would see a 3-block line of black welfare recipients waiting for their welfare checks. tax lien filed against Eldon Elliott ( Tim wrote letter to Steve Hodge.Introduction from FRONTLINE's editors: We are publishing this document, prepared by Timothy Mc Veigh's original defense team prior to his trial, because it is a detailed full account of Mc Veigh's movements and actions in the months, weeks, and crucial days and hours leading up to the bombing. 75-80 Terry Nichols, resided at 3616 North Van Dyke in Decker, Michigan. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995) 01.78-05.85 Mc Veigh family lived on Meyer Road, Lockport, NY. 83 The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord group tried in 1988 in Arkansas apparently had plans to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building. 83 Aryan Nation's World Congress involved discussions about targets, including Oklahoma City for bombing. - 06.84 Bill Mc Veigh and Mickey Frazer separated permanently. (Sims notes on Anderson Memo dated 5-10-95) 05.85- Bill Mc Veigh lived on Campbell Road. 05.85 Mickey bought a double-wide trailer at the Village Trailer Park and remained there for a year and a half. 09.85-05.86 Tim's senior year in high school (Burr 9.8.95 memo).(Read the background on this document for more details.) 10.72-01.78 Mc Veigh family lived on Hinman Road, Lockport, NY. Tim began working at Burns Armored Car Company, Buffalo, NY and worked there for about eight months. (Wyatt chronology dated 8.4.95 and updated ) 04.16-25.85 Stand off between federal agents and The Covenant, Sword and The Arm of the Lord ("CSA") in Marion county, Arkansas.

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