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The younger member shot a small grin, her pure aura making Jessica feel fresher. ” Jessica asked, receiving a dewy smile and a nod of the head.“Of course,” Yoona always seemed so mature, kind and settled. Sometimes she thought she was the literal embodiment of perfection. She made Jessica feel special without being clingy.Sunny rushed over, her arms wrapping around her as she jumped up and down. The leader blushed slightly, gulping and nodding as Tiffany wrapped her arms around hers, clinging onto her tightly.

While on a 3 month tour, Jessica finds Taeyeon to have a crush on Tiffany. Her younger sibling was incredibly excited for her tour, gushing out love before Jessica left for the bus.

She decides to help her out, much to Yoona and Sunny's dismay. Jessica gave her one last hug and a kiss on the cheek before entering the vehicle and waving goodbye.

Taeyeon headed towards Baekhyun's dorm and picked him up at a discreet location and enjoyed a date in the car.

'Dispatch' says they also spotted the two on several dates including before the concert as well as after the concert on the 26th and on the 28th before Girls' Generation's leave for Japan.

It used to be, but heck they're already at that age so fans shouldn't be disappointed.

I dunno about you guys but I think the only people that SM and other companies fear for their idols sake are DISPATCH because they bring down the house with solid evidence and agencies have a hard time denying it.

“Despite Jessica's sudden notice, the agency and the Girls' Generation members tried our best and tried to figure out a way that Girls' Generation's activities can continue in the best possible direction.” Jessica Jung, for her part, denied that her supposed relationship with Kwon had anything to do with her exit from Girls’ Generation.

Instead, she claims her fellow SNSD members asked her to choose between the group and her new clothing line, BLANC & ECLARE.

Rumors are flying about the former Girls’ Generation singer and her supposed boyfriend.

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