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You are strongly encouraged to customize them in your own stylesheets, but here is the "standard" Parsley css file that is used here on the documentation and examples, if you want to use it to bootstrap your projects with Parsley.

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Javascript form validation is not necessary, and if used, it does not replace strong backend server validation.

That's why Parsley is here: to let you define your general form validation, implement it on the backend side, and simply port it frontend-side, with maximum respect to user experience best practices.

Note that most input types don't have intrinsic constraints, as some are simply barred from constraint validation or have a sanitization algorithm transforming incorrect values to a correct default.

The following attributes are used to describe basic constraints: text, search, url, tel, email, password, date, datetime, datetime-local, month, week, time, number, checkbox, radio, file; also on the ) element represents a control that presents a menu of options.

attribute is set, several e-mail addresses can be set, as a comma-separated list, for this input.

If any of these do not satisfy the condition described here, the Type mismatch constraint violation is triggered.

This argument is optional, if not given the module files has to be located in the same directory as the core modules shipped together with this jquery plugin (js/form-validator/) It is possible to display help information for each input.

The information will fade in when input is focused and fade out when input looses focus.

The creation of web forms has always been a complex task.

While marking up the form itself is easy, checking whether each field has a valid and coherent value is even more difficult, and informing the user about the problem may become a headache.

This is achieved by grouping together validation functions in "modules", making it possible to load only those functions that's needed to validate a particular form.

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