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In her sophomore year of high school, she moved to Seoul and attended Bulgok High School, despite the objections of her strict and conservative father.She then entered Dongguk University, where she joined the theater and film department.Seung-Min doesn't recognize the woman at first, but then realizes the woman is Seo-Yeon. See full summary » Television movie released on both television and in cinema, Postman to Heaven (천국 의 우편 배달부) is a production between South Korea and Japan.

Jin’ Kim Jaejoong who forged a friendship with Song Seung-Heon said “Though we were nervous and busy concentrating [on the drama] since it was both of our first times acting in a historical drama, we became closer while filming together and we contact each other even now.” Through a succession of pieces, Kim Jaejoong who palled up with actors said “Now I want to get close to an actress” and got a whimsical concern.

“I don’t know what piece I’m going to choose but now I want to get close to an actress. Others have love scandals through filming movies or TV series, but why am I not having one? Strangely, it is unclear to me.” Kim Jaejoong also talked about dating publicly.

But even though they play love interests on camera, does that mean they have take their on-screen affection off-screen? Also, a Japanese article revealed that Jae-joong had asked Han Hyo-ju to do away with the formal talk and to speak informally.

In this unidentified photo, Jae-joong snuggles up with his co-star. The request for informal talk means that he wants to get closer.

Title: Kim Jaejoong, “Scandal with actress is wishful thinking… ” Kim Jaejoong who is a member of JYJ and has made his onscreen debut in a full fledged commercial movie said he gained valuable colleagues in senior actors Oh Dal-Su and Han Sang-Jin through the movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’.

Kim Jaejoong said “The two senior actors encouraged me, saying ‘Jaejoong-ah, continue to do movies” and “Though there aren’t scenes where we appeared together, we talked about many things during filming.” Previously in the TV series ‘Dr.

Mi-Soo (Han Hyo-Joo) is a doctor with a fiery spirit. See full summary » Jae-Kyung (Hyun-Bin ) is a tough guy, who is a high school senior, If he turns 19 years means, he could be a millionaire by inheriting his deceased grandfather's wealth. See full summary » After losing his family when he was young, Nam-soon feels no pain.

Unfortunately, her fiery spirit gets the best of her one day at work. He cannot feel physical pain and is emotionally barren until he meets Dong-hyeon, who calls herself a vampire because she ...

In just the small time period of the career she has rose to the fame heights and travel into the list of most top wanted actresses.

Han Hyo Joo In Love Relation With Kang Do Han: Inside sources have come up with the interesting story that Han Hyo-joo has been dating actor and businessman Kang Do-han over the past four months.

Han Hyo-joo (born February 22, 1987) is a South Korean actress.

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