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But that kindness, which comes from a good place, may backfire if you're not careful.

Keep yourself grounded, and appreciate what they bring every day.

People are starting to ask that question more and more as gender lines relax – girls and guys are spending more time together in platonic situations, and sometimes, feelings creep up when they aren’t supposed to.

So, can a guy be close to a girl and never want anything more?

Occasionally in our lives we can find that our relationships don't always run true to course.

There are many ways in which relationship problems can arise, some examples are; Often it can be difficult to ask for relationship advice.

They get together, and they live happily ever after. Instead, a guy ends up pining for a girl who’s only interested in him “as a friend.” That’s the dreaded phrase: just friends.

A guy has fallen for this great, cute, smart girl; they’ve been friends for years, and the guy knows they’d be great together. A sad, uncomfortable look crosses her face and she tries to break it to him gently, saying, “I don’t want to risk our friendship” or “We’re better off just friends.” That phrase is also used as an excuse – by both guys and girls – who don’t want to become romantically involved but don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or destroy a friendship. Maintain that line so there’s no sexual attraction.

Sometimes girls even pull that after you’ve given it a shot. That also goes for other things too, like spending a lot of time together.

For instance, a woman named Louise says she told her ex she wanted to be “just friends” because “I want to be just friends with him because he’s awesome as a friend, but not a boyfriend.” Another woman said she wants to remain friends because “ I don't want things between us to change” – even though she did have feelings for her male friend!

The answer is yes – but it takes a whole lot of work! Sure, all those romantic comedies have two people being just friends; then the girl tries to land her “dream guy” and discovers that it’s not him she wants.

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