Is rihanna dating wilmer valderrama

Demi joked, “Nick and Wilmer get along great — Joe and Wilmer too. In the beginning, I was like, 'Why the f**k are you friends with Joe? While we sit around and wait, we may as well meddle into her dating history.

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How many women in pop can practice what they preach in their lyrics?

London, Mar 24 (ANI): Rihanna was recently spotted getting too cosy with Wilmer Valderrama at the Geisha House in Hollywood.

Wilmer, who once dated Lindsay Lohan, hosts weekly karaoke nights at the club.

It didnt take much time for them to break the ice, as they soon began chatting endlessly, the source said. They looked pretty cozy and relaxed in each others company.

Wilmer was all charm and even had a bottle of champagne for Rihanna, the source added.

It's not always easy to stay close with someone you once had romantic feelings for, but Demi actually has a history of staying on good terms with her exes.

Remember that time that she and Joe Jonas pretended to get trapped in an elevator for four hours?

Valderrama hosts weekly karaoke nights at the venue, and according to the Mirror, he rushed over to Rihanna as soon as she walked in the door.

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