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Sailing Ireland sailing school take a longterm interest in all our students by offering free advice.

We want to ensure that you achieve your goals and enjoy your time while sailing with us to get optimum benifits from a sailing course or cruise.

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I came to America and I won 10 national awards between 2007-2008 in my job ,and Ireland did not want me because I did not have my Leaving cert , and I will leave it at that , the lesson is don't toss out the skilled but don't worry I will leave my best work in Ireland.

Sailing Ireland offers advice on the best route to further develop your new skillsand we can recommend you to clubs in your area whether it's racing or short/long distance cruising which interests you.

Sailing Ireland also offer a one stop shop for training in navigation theory, VHF radio and electronic navigation equipment.

He was introduced in 1990, as an ordinary puppet that Zag (of Zig and Zag) had found in a box amongst the rubbish behind an old joke shop.

Dubbing the puppet "Podge," Zag used him to practise ventriloquism, and would put on the "Podge and Zag" show, which a jealous Zig usually interrupted.

Zag and presenter Ray D'Arcy remained oblivious to Podge's true nature for some time; Podge would occasionally move in the background during continuity announcements between programmes, or be seen scheming on his own, and letters and pictures would pour in from the viewing children trying to let them know that the little puppet was evil.

Eventually, after Zig finally told Zag and Ray the truth, Podge made a power play and took over the programme for a day, revealing that he had been brought to life by a magician, but then sealed away when he turned evil.

are the two central characters on A Scare at Bedtime, an Irish adult comedy televised puppet show.

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