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In this e Book, you will get to know about the various stain types.

You will learn the techniques required to remove stains that are embedded in your floor finish.

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Just the sound alone will make a goon think twice about attacking you.

To charge the King Cobra, Just plug in the recharge cord (included).

First charge should be about 5 hours; after that only a 3-hour recharge to keep you safe again.

We suggest that you test fire the King Cobra once every couple of months to be sure you are packing the full striking power of 5.8 MILLION VOLTS.

In my quest for the "perfect stun gun", I bought about a dozen during the past month. Some buzzed and I would consider them in the cute toy category. I'm about to ask to purchase another, as I've not seen another with as scary a discharge, and that's coming from someone who, like another happy customer who posted here, has routinely tested lesser stun guns on myself, and like him, found they only caused pain and spasms, with no knock-down or incapacity (2-3 sec.).

I even had a couple that needed to be discharged even after I shut them off. My test of seeing how "worthy" the performance of the stun gun is to discharge the stun gun on conductive object is covered by non-conductive material. However, my bravado vanished the first instant I heard my 'Cobra discharged, and hid from it ever since, like a little gir.

They seem to live to cause as much rampant discord as possible – grafitti, vandalism, car theft, drugs…..

However, their ‘raison d’etre’ seems to be the wanton spilling of innocent people’s blood.

Our free app provides multiple learning choices including crash course, interactive sheet music, step-by-step tutorial videos, and even fun games, available 24x7.

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