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He very kindly presented me with a 1981 bottle of Calvados which his grandfather had made, a gift to which his mother consented willingly. Hi Reg, The vicar of St Augustine's, the Reverend Father David Austin, has been delving into the parish archives and found a few interesting items referring to the parish's previously unsuspected close associations with HMSO.

I am off to Lannion at the end of the month, just after my 95th., for our biennial twinning visit. Alan Cole and I often reminisce about the good times - especially the occasional night in Bristol in the 1970s-80s. One mentions that the incumbent of St Augustine's was appointed chaplain to HMSO. Also, most intriguingly, that St Augustine's Church Hall was designated a bomb shelter for HMSO staff.

Then Omaha Beach GC in October for the DDay Pro AM and yet another year vanishes all too quickly. I imagine the church hall would have been deployed more as an evacuation shelter than a bomb shelter in the event of an IRA-type bomb incident rather than following a nuclear strike! I recall that Marion Maxwell once occasioned the evacuation of Sovereign House when she spotted a suspect item on the corrugated roof of the old derelict laundry building opposite in Botolph Street.

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GFMD members, colleagues, and friends are cordially invited to a C4D Network (Communication for Development) annual meeting in Brussels on 7 December to grab a drink, meet, share and discuss C4D.

The C4D Network Challenge has been meeting globally in more and more countries each year - in 2015 it was nearly 20 countries, and this year the hope is to achieve a target of 30.

) I feel confident that there are HMSOldies out there with more information. I certainly remember the 'Chaplain to HMSO' role, around the late 1960s, and I am sure that the late David Roberts acted as intermediary.

The 'bomb shelter' aspect also rings a bell, and I have copied to Robin Kelly to see if he can dredge anything up from his younger and more alert memory, and to George Rokahr, who remembers everything. Your HMSOldies article on the Sov Club visitors book lists three chaplains.

He seemed so timeless and though it is many years since we last met I still feel that I will miss him. Glad to say all well at this end - just recovering from the latest Normandy pilgrimage.

One of my Normandy girl friends has recently switched her affections from my golfing friend to a Caen wine bar owner.

For others, however, it can be a life-ruining decision – leaving us penniless, heartbroken and with many more problems heading our way.

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