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In this article, you will find a list of 26 natural aphrodisiacs for men, and women, that you can use to increase your sexual health & potency.

Still to this day, men are always looking for natural ways to increase their potency.

Sometimes, to enjoy sexual contact at its peak, you have to restore the mental balance, get rid of the stress and produce some endorphin’s in the gym.

He’s cute, but she assumes he’s a liar and a weirdo and flees the scene annoyed and exasperated.

Things don’t get better for Marie when she runs into supposed-Derek and discovers he is her good friends’ next-door neighbor and has become chummy with them.

Another theory is that cocoa increases blood flow through the arteries and relaxes blood vessels—sending blood to all the right regions.

Whatever the reason, chocolate is never a bad thing. Hot peppers increase your metabolism and stimulate endorphins, making you sweat, plumping your lips, and speeding up your heart rate. (If you're planning on handling habañeros, however, make sure that you wash your hands before getting near sensitive body parts.) The secret to a hotter nightlife starts with a hot cup of tea.But you don't need to resort to any exotic foods from faraway lands; these common foods will all but ensure you a successful session between the sheets.Just make sure to avoid these 27 Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive in the first place!Work your date’s name into the conversation a few times throughout the night.Using your date’s name helps build a deeply personal connection by recognizing their identity.Journalist Marie Harris is at her wit’s end and fed up with online dating, but she decides to give it one more chance when “Find Ur” says they’ve found her the perfect match.

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