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IN the entertainment industry, fans of celebrities are always itching to hear of romantic hookups between their favorite celebrities.

Sometimes these stories turn out to be true, other times it’s just the celebrity couple rumour mill churning as always.

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Although winner of MTN hitmaker 4, Kidi and afropop, dancehall and Rand B artiste Mz Vee have been spotted together at various occasions including the just ended Glitz Fashion Awards, he told the Graphic Showbiz there was no romance brewing between them.

He said he was not dating Mz Vee, empathically stating they were just good friends and admitted that she was a beautiful and talented young lady and a great person to hangout and work with.

I met this hot girl, and we had this crazy, instant chemistry, so we went to D.'s room to have sex. We were in my friend's bedroom, so I didn't want to just leave it there for him to come across later. Because that's the best place to get semi-used gynecological equipment… Why weren't you recruited for the job, instead of D.? So he had basic training in emergency condom removal? So I said hello first, and when I said hello, I spilled the slushie and it got on her laces. I had some money on me, and I already that I was going to give her eighty dollars for her sneakers. I start kickin' it to her, we started talking about clubs that we had been to, and I was like, "Yo, look, I'm a cool cat.

One time, I was at a party at my friend D.'s house. happened to have this pair of forceps that he got at The Salvation Army. used to go out with the girl I was having sex with, who was still a good friend of his. to look around inside her for the condom, using the forceps. I went down in the courtyard of the house to chill out. came out on the balcony and waved the forceps, which were holding the condom. " In other words, a latter-day version of the balcony scene from ? When I came in, she was looking and our eyes connected. What's the difference between fucking a younger girl and an older woman?

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As soon as she down the Miss Earth Ghana 2016 crown last August, Ms Deborah Eyram Dodor hit the road with energy to sensitize people, mainly young folks, on various aspects of environmental protection.

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