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However, it is likely that use of web cams has grown in recent years for several reasons: Web cams are relatively cheap – a decent cam unit can be purchased for under – and easy to set up.The spread of broadband makes it ever easier to display and access images from web cams on computers.Indeed, 19% of those with broadband at home have checked out web cam images, compared to 13% of those who have dial-up at home.

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And on any given day, about two million internet users are checking out remote places or people by using webcams.

These findings about web cam watching come from a nationwide phone survey of 1,450 internet users by the Pew Internet & American Life Project conducted between February 21 and March 21 this year.

China’s Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has launched afree 24-hour live Internet broadcast of the cuddly critters, state-run Xinhua news agency said Monday.

Viewers can watch the pandas at the base in southwestern Sichuan province, part of their native domicile, via 28 cameras planted in five areas that will feed six channels: “garden for adult pandas,” “kindergarten,” “nursery for twins,” “mother-and-child playground,” “No.1 Villa” and “featured.” […]The Chengdu base is home to more than 80 freely roaming giant pandas, so it’s unclear whether the subjects are different bears or the same few viewed from various angles.

One out of six American adult internet users (16%) have gone online to view another person or a place via a web cam.

That translates into roughly 21 million people who have viewed material on web cams.

[…F]oreign zoos, who spend months or sometimes years, and tens of thousands of dollars, painstakingly breeding the cubs are never allowed to keep them.

They return home to China, where the ultimate goal is to reintroduce them into the wild and add to a population estimated at about 1,600—an effort that has met with mixed results.

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