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RSUM— Bien que les papiers peints soient plus phmres que les revtements peints, leur signification est tout aussi importante pour l'tude des dcors intrieurs des difices historiques.Les plafonds et les papiers peints jouaient un rle dans l'ensemble du concept dcoratif d'une pice, mais ils ont souvent t enlevs une fois passs de mode.

ABSTRACT—Although wallpapers are more ephemeral than painted finishes, they share an equal significance with paint in the investigation of finishes in historic buildings.

Ceiling and wall papers were important in a room's overall decorative scheme, but they were often removed as fashion changed.

By the late 19th century, one advertisement claimed that the “decorative possibilities of the new WALL PAPERs are almost boundless.”This green, black, and white wallpaper contains repeating vignettes of a stag and boar hunt in a forest, an ornate cabin nestled among pine trees.

Decorative finishes have as great an impact on the character of an interior as any architectural element or material.

Before his untimely death in the early 1850s, Benjamin and his brother George were major stationers in Salem, supplying both writing papers and “room-papers” to their customers; George carried on alone from that date.

“The Creamer”, manufactured by Thomas Strahan & Co., after a fragment found in the Nicholas Crosby House on Essex Street, home of the Benjamin Creamer family in the mid-nineteenth century; a trade card for Creamer Stationers.

Numerous examples illustrate the significance of each of these five categories.

TITRE—Recherche, analyse et authentification de fragments de papiers peints historiques.

If removed, finding evidence of their use is sometimes as challenging as determining their original colors and patterns.

This evidence may include fragments as small as a millimeter or as large as several meters.

It surfaces throughout literature, too — in books like Now all of us who share Waterhouse’s fascination with wallpaper can explore her 1,400-item-strong collection online.

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