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But while food is lacking, there is all too much water.

The widespread flooding is expected to re-distribute sewage from Haiti’s crude sanitary systems.

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Many Haitians believe it will be better for ‘Haiti to run Haiti’, rather than outsiders. “I don’t expect us to be impacted nearly as much as the ministries that work in Port Au Prince and down south,” she continues.

De Hart said the policeman did raise at least one concern regarding the change: “He said that the U. leaving should put something in place, like a military, because Haiti’s insecurities will be worse without a strong force in the country.” According to the Los Angeles Times, precautions along this line include a gradual removal of peacekeepers, prolonged company of U. police, and eventually the training of Haitian police. And really, she says, we will just have to wait and see how things play out.

The attorney De Hart’s contact spoke to said one thing the U. did was make sure presidents served their full terms. For Haiti with Love was established to demonstrate the love of Jesus and needs of the hurting wherever they can.

This outreach has the ability to spread the Gospel of true healing and peace.

The Haitian government plans to distribute farming equipment and seed for winter crops such as potatoes until staples such as corn can be planted in spring.

Communities that have lost all their crops will have to rely on food aid until then.

In the country’s hard-hit southern peninsula, crops were destroyed, livestock swept away, and irrigation and fishing infrastructure damaged.

That is serious in the Western Hemisphere’s most impoverished nation, where most people are subsistence farmers.

Balitsaris began traveling to Haiti in the 1980s as a donor to CARE.

"I went a few times over a period of years and began hearing more about homegrown institutions, organizations that help Haitians and grow out of grassroots political movements," he said.

In 2006, Balitsaris volunteered as a board member of Fonkoze USA.

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