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I'm ok with long distance and I'm really really attracted to goth and emo guys.""I'm so sick and tired of meeting guys online who don't want a relationship. So what can these guys and others who want a boyfriend do about it?

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Despite outward appearances to people who know me well of being tempestuous and quick to (over)react, I’m actually much more patient than they realise.

So many media types struggle with this – it stops being about what they’re saying and evolves into who they are.

The main, initial reason was that I was writing about going on dates and didn’t want to be identified. I was both fearful of recriminations and worried it would mean I could no longer be honest when writing up further dates – “compromise my artistic integrity”, as Madonna would say. My anonymity, which I maintained until six months ago, allowed me to retain some power, some control.

I started writing anonymously almost exactly seven years ago, on 30 June 2010, for a variety of reasons, some of them ridiculous and others important.

Make a bold move and go from a lusting lurker to a dating machine with these tips on how to meet gay men: Get out and meet people.

Gay men don't live in bars (well, most don't). Once you've identified your prospect, look for your window of opportunity. Watch a couple of hours of Discovery Channel and see how the patient tiger cruises the jungle before a kill.

If he laughs at a comment you make and then turns around, make another one. If the guy is truly not interested in you, he'll say something. When your window of opportunity closes, seal the deal by asking him for his phone number or out for coffee. Let him know that you're interested in talking to him further.

As they say in sales, never be afraid to ask for the sale.

First of all, when your crush is openly gay, you at least know that he be interested in you.

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