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Chadd is one of the most respected dancers in the world, a master in mechanical movement and the style of popping.From an early age, Chadd was drawn to the magic of movement and dance.Although there is some debate over the date of his death, he was no younger than seventy when he died.

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Dated, Sexual, Former Boyfriend and Girlfriend; They live together.

They are in love with each other, They care for each other, Enzo said that she is his world; Former Frenemies, Allies; They have saved each other's lives both in the past and in the present, They worked together to be safe from the Armory, Enzo left her against his will, Bonnie managed to get Enzo's humanity back on. She saved his soul from Hell by pulling it into her own personal dimension.

Contemporary dancer Melanie Moore won the season and Sasha Mallory was the runner-up.

This is the first season where both the winner and runner-up were female.

Galen's understanding of anatomy and medicine was principally influenced by the then-current theory of humorism (also known as the four humors – black bile, yellow bile, blood, and phlegm), as advanced by ancient Greek physicians such as Hippocrates.

His theories dominated and influenced Western medical science for more than 1,300 years.

The son of Aelius Nicon, a wealthy architect with scholarly interests, Galen received a comprehensive education that prepared him for a successful career as a physician and philosopher.

Born in Pergamon (present-day Bergama, Turkey), Galen traveled extensively, exposing himself to a wide variety of medical theories and discoveries before settling in Rome, where he served prominent members of Roman society and eventually was given the position of personal physician to several emperors.

Dial Idol covered only the last four weeks of this season.

Adam Shankman's permanent judge spot—to which he was unable to return due to conflict with directing the film Rock of Ages—was filled with rotating guest judges Robin Antin, Lil' C, Tyce Diorio, Toni Redpath, and Jason Gilkison.

Enzo moves Bonnie up in a cabin, and over the years the two began to grow close.

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