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Because anything exceptional Gets crushed by common people With jealousy and ignorance And all their common evils This planet isn't special Collections made of clay I'm waiting for the punishment I know it's on my way [Chorus] Cut, cut, cut me up and fuck, fuck, fuck me up Cut, cut, cut me up and fuck, fuck, fuck me up Cut, cut, cut me up and fuck, fuck, fuck me up! Unbeknownst to him, the village contained about 2,500 Indian warriors while Custer only had 300. Irreverence is my disease It's second hand but you know me The son of a bitch is on his knees The last man standing gets no pity! His legacy is very controversial, and he has been charged with war crimes of massacring Indian women and children.You might think you are cutting your spending; after all you might still want to play the gentleman and treat your date to a night out at the cinemas. You are also aware that the bad guys do exist and are looking for someone to devour right?

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George Armstrong Custer was a Civil War hero and subsequently a ruthless Indian fighter after the Civil War.

Just when you think you’ve written our history, we’re going to rewrite it again, and basically show you that we can take all the abuse that you put out there, and we’re not going to lose a step, we’re not going to lose an inch, we’re not going to lose any ground – we’re going to keep coming.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: North Korea has just launched another missile.

Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?

And metaphorically it’s about charging into our last stand, and it’s basically saying, ‘You know what?

Magazine, Corey Taylor spoke about this song: Again, this is focusing that anger towards the outside world – the people who on one hand want to make us martyrs, but at the same time want to make us bastards.

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