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Of the 799 teenagers aged 12 to 17 polled by Pew, 37 percent participate in video chats via services like Skype, Googletalk, or i Chat.

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"As a former sheriff I have unfortunately seen a lot of animal abuse," Jones said.

"This legislation will make sure that once a person has victimized an animal they will not be allowed easy access to another victim." Jones' Senate Bill 219 would require Michigan's courts to order those convicted of certain crimes against animals, as part of their sentence, to neither own nor possess an animal for at least five years.

It would also ban those convicted of certain animal abuse from keeping animals for at least five years. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, sponsored one of the two Senate bills.

Related: Michigan animal abuse registry debate focuses on serial killers, finances, 'junk science' The former Eaton County sheriff explained his support for the bills when they were first introduced in March 2015.

Girls are more likely to conduct these video chats - 42 percent vs. About 27 percent of teens said they record and upload video to the Internet, with boys and girls just as likely to produce their own videos.

A smaller amount - about 13 percent - have set up live video streaming on the Web for other people to watch.

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The number of students who maintain a profile on a social networking site has decreased by nearly 40 percent in the last five years according to a new report from Project Tomorrow.

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