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Flatulence fetishism or eproctophilia are the technicals term for this particular fetish.Fart fetishists as they are more commonly referred to find flatulence alluring and can easily get sexual satisfaction when they think about it. Of course you have: your friend messaged it to you with the words "OMG WTF" and then it haunted your dreams all last night.

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Added 23rd Jun 2017 This t-lesbian hardcore marks the fabulous return of one of our best bombshell.

Bruna is TEA winner of first year we have brazilians in this contest and was in Europe for several years. She is totally into put her name in top again and we have no doubt she ll do it very very fast.

Forward to the mark: TL; DR – that Vine you've been sending around to freak out all your friends?

You've actually been watching footage of a very obscure cross-dressing subculture all along.

Lesson learned: if you think you've found something weird on the internet, the truth is always much, much weirder.

Farts may be a sign of very bad manners when done in public or while having dinner with your family, but as weird as it may sound, there is a fart fetish, and whether you believe it or not, there are people who enjoy the smell of human gas and find it extremely arousing.

Eugene Goostman: smart name for the smart robot crowned champion of the infamous Turing Test, the standard for determining machine intelligence created by British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing.

At the 2014 Turing Test At The Royal Society in London, the robot, under the guise of a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy, answered questions about his hometown of Odessa, his Jewishness, his pet guinea pig, and his father, a gynecologist (“My friends say he is a “beaver-doctor” – but I guess they lie – he is not a veterinary! After successfully convincing 33% of visitors that he was indeed human, Eugene was hailed as a long-coveted, shining bit of proof: at long last, our technologies were approaching fantastic, sci-fi proportions.

This new shemale is pretty interesting not only for her attractive look but also for her intense sexual energy.

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