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What are the economic incentives for a company to create an app catering to older users?

Does the intervention of technology threaten the traditionally personal nature of services such as in-home caregiving and medical treatment? Grace Andruszkiewicz and Michelle Maalouf of Aging 2.0 (@Aging20), an organization dedicated to accelerating innovations that improve the lives of older adults, joined the conversation.

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Important Note : If you ever forget your pass code, you will need to erase your device and set it again as a new device to remove the restrictions pass code from the settings as this is the only way to return to default settings.

Keep a check that you do not by mistake delete certain in-built apps.

Meanwhile, websites such as Care Linx, an online community connecting families with in-home caregivers, help those seeking to support their aging loved ones.

What other recent innovations help caregivers and older adults?

A number of new technologies are geared toward older users or connecting caregivers with resources and support.

From services such as Doctor on Demand, which allows users to schedule a video appointment with a licensed physician via their smartphone, laptop or tablet, to apps such as Pill Reminder Pro, which reminds users of the dosage and frequency of their medication, technology can help older adults live independently longer.

Have you ever been weary of handing over your i Phone to your kids? Of course, being a father or a mother, there are certain limitations that you would want for your child and even more due to the increasing online activity and social media craze these days.

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