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In April 2013, Reese was arrested for arguing with police while her hubby Jim Toth was arrested with a DUI. She later confessed, "I think it was a moment where people realised that I wasn't exactly what they thought I was.""It's part of human nature. The video ends with Reese sharing some valuable advice.

According to the police report the actress became “increasingly agitated” during Jim’s sobriety test and "began to hang out the window and say that she did not believe that I was a real police officer."The report claims Jim tried to calm Reese down, before she stepped out of the car and asked the officer, "Do you know my name? “The most important thing in a name, for a girl,” she says to the camera, “is that a man can whisper it in his pillow.”WATCH: Reese's X-rated video below. Nicole Kidman channels Celeste with such ease and poise that you forget that you’re watching Our Nic. When I walked away from [the character], I remember thinking that was the deepest I’ve gone in terms of finding and losing things," the 49-year-old explained.

The Baguio Flower Festival started in 1994, is one of the largest and most successful festivals in the Philippines’ Fiesta Calendar.

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Nicole Kidman described the addictive series perfectly when she said: “I think that’s the brilliance of Liane, she writes these novels and then she threads in these deeply painful and topical and real emotions and relationships that you get pulled into.”“You think it’s light entertainment, and then before you know it, you’re gasping.”With the show over fans are praying for a second season. To soften the blow, please dust off your best Audrey Hepburn and Elvis outfits (too soon?

The prospect of living in a world without Tom’s coffee, Jane’s rage running, Madeline’s constant chatter, Celeste’s breathtaking fragility and Perry's... ) as we cordially invite you relieve some of the biggest scandals from cast of Reese shone as the queen of sass Madeline Mackenize.

This is me when I'm on Tumblr, the only thing that could take me out of the zone is if a naked person lay on my laptop or a cow fell on my head.

I would introduce the cow to Rinch and she would cry with joy....end.

An annual event organized by the Baguio Arts Guild started 1989, with the vision of making Baguio City a premier venue for art and artists.

Featured are visual arts (photography, film, video, sculpture and art installations); performing arts (modern dances drama, music, poetry reading) and ethnic arts.

You: See, if you were one of my guy friends I would've punched you in the arm.

Reese: It's not my fault you can't deal with all 12 inches.

Sarge: You men eat up; we have a big day ahead of us.

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