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Thus, if the database is shut down and restarted outside of Oracle Enterprise Manager and DGMGRL (such as from the SQL*Plus interface), the database uses the new parameter values from the updated server parameter file when it starts.

However, you should not make changes to the redo transport services initialization parameters through SQL statements.

SQL Server Management Studio is an integrated environment for managing your SQL Server infrastructure.

Convert the initialization parameter files (PFILE) on both primary and standby databases into server parameter files (SPFILE), if necessary.

Use the following SQL*Plus command: Configuration Name: DRSolution Enabled: NO Protection Mode: Max Performance Databases: North_Sales - Primary database DR_Sales - Physical standby database Fast-Start Failover: DISABLED Current status for "DRSolution": DISABLED SHOW DATABASE VERBOSE 'DR_Sales'; Database Name: DR_Sales Role: PHYSICAL STANDBY Enabled: NO Intended State: APPLY-ON Instance(s): dr_sales1 Properties: DGConnect Identifier = 'DR_com' Observer Connect Identifier = '' Log Xpt Mode = 'ASYNC' Delay Mins = '0' Binding = 'OPTIONAL' Max Failure = '0' Max Connections = '1' Reopen Secs = '300' Net Timeout = '30' Redo Compression = 'DISABLE' Log Shipping = 'ON' Preferred Apply Instance = '' Apply Instance Timeout = '0' Apply Parallel = 'AUTO' Standby File Management = 'AUTO' Archive Lag Target = '0' Log Archive Max Processes = '5' Log Archive Min Succeed Dest = '1' Db File Name Convert = 'dbs/t, dbs/bt' Log File Name Convert = 'dbs/t, dbs/bt' Fast Start Failover Target = '' Status Report = '(monitor)' Inconsistent Properties = '(monitor)' Inconsistent Log Xpt Props = '(monitor)' Send QEntries = '(monitor)' Log Xpt Status = '(monitor)' Recv QEntries = '(monitor)' Host Name = 'dr_com' Sid Name = 'dr_sales1' Standby Archive Location = '/archfs/arch' Alternate Location = '' Log Archive Trace = '8191' Log Archive Format = 'db2r_%d_%t_%s_%r.arc' Latest Log = '(monitor)' Top Wait Events = '(monitor)' Current status for "DR_Sales": DISABLED If broker management of the database is enabled, setting a database property value causes the underlying parameter value to be changed in the corresponding database, and the value for the changed parameter is reflected in the server parameter file.

This makes it of extremely limited value when examining explain output from queries against huge tables returning millions of rows.

@rafaelfranca even if AR Query API covers 98% of the cases, there's a remaining 2% we can't overlook and we need to provide a way to solve those.

The source lists: To link the Fire DAC SQLite driver into the Delphi application, add TFDPhys SQLite Driver Link to a form or to a data module.

To connect to an SQLite database, specify SQLite driver parameters, at least: By default, all SQLite driver settings are set for the high-performance single connection access to a database in a stable environment. Many Fire DAC SQLite driver parameters correspond to the pragmas.This chapter describes the prerequisites for getting started using the Data Guard command-line interface (DGMGRL).It also describes scenarios that demonstrate how to use DGMGRL to create, manage, and monitor a broker configuration.Doing so will cause an inconsistency between the database and the broker.configuration is disabled, which means it is not under the control of the Data Guard broker.The SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine, developed by SQLite Consortium.

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