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Being a great instructor Pause has taught with Kuumba Lynx and is currently teaching Chicago footwork and hip-hop in different parts of Chicago with After School Matters, Chicago House Authority, & The Lab Dance Studio.His dreams are to be a well-rounded and successful dancer/choreographer.Pause Eddie has appeared on America's Best Dance Crew, America's Got Talent, Willow Smith's Fireball Music Video ft.

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How did the casting for this show differ from other shows? His clothes really speak for themselves and there is no point trying to compete with them with distracting features.

We aimed for a streamlined line up of young handsome faces, and like the collection, a balance between romantic and tough.

is an explosive dance machine whose incredible musicality does not skip a beat!

Nicki Minaj, Chance The Rapper "Sunday Candy" Music Video & More!

« Les 400 coups », 1er album en commun d’Anton et Eddy, met en musique les soubresauts d’une enfance qui s’échappe, à l’image du titre du projet qui nous remémore déjà nos vaines bêtises de l’époque.

Vous avez probablement eu la chance de croiser les deux compères...

: Pour 10 € (et plus), on t'envoi un exemplaire dédicacé de l'album "LES QUATRE CENT COUPS". Tu recevras ton exemplaire dédicacé un T-shirt "LES QUATRE CENT COUPS" (édition limitée à 100 ex.).

Anton Serra, trentenaire infatigable, donne ici la réplique à un Eddy de dix ans son cadet.

Can you describe your casting process I'm sure it's the same as all casting directors: although I have an idea from the beginning about who could end up in the show, I option boys weeks or months before.

The 51-year-old veteran broadcaster made the comment at the end of a feature on Sir Mervyn King, the head of the Bank of England, half way through the Radio 4 news magazine programme PM which Mair hosts.

Although pretty obvious for a show, a confident walk was paramount.

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