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The following incidents has been listed by Athens County Crime Solvers Anonymous as July, 2017 Crimes of the Month.The Athens Police Department is requesting your information pertaining to two criminal acts which occurred within the City.

Runestad said the Michigan Legislature needs to lead the way on determining privacy protections for private citizens.

"For the most part, law enforcement policies will dictate the use of body-worn cameras," he said, "but the protection of our citizens privacy should be guided by this body." The bill would also require recordings from body cameras be kept for 30 days, unless the recording is relevant to a complaint against a law enforcement officer or agency or there has been a request for the video.

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Weisberg said the exemptions in current FOIA law, which allows the public to ask the government for public records through a formal request, may apply to situations when police use body cameras in private homes -- such as an unwarranted invasion of privacy. He said he used to be a FOIA coordinator and would hate to see a request for body camera footage come across his desk. "Our intent should be to simplify the process and, in order to put an exclamation mark on this, it would be a good idea to have a bill ...

"I would suspect, initially, there would be some court action controlling how body cameras and FOIA work," she said. that very clearly states in FOIA how body cams are handled," he said.

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