Discovery news app not updating

The apps use to update me with the current issues and notify me for the changes i do.Suddenly it fails to do those task and am not getting those updates and Notification regularly. Please any one of suggest me to fix this issue asap.Explore how you can successfully integrate your teams to improve collaboration, streamline testing, and more.

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I use all kinds of including the fun & knowledgeable.

From such category I often use one of my favorite News apps.

Access and experience all your Discovery products wherever you are.

Application features: Discovery Health: Access your membership card, find a healthcare professional, submit and track your claims, get your tax certificate and more.

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An application program is a program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application program.

Examples of applications include word processors, database programs, Web browsers, development tools, drawing, paint, image editing programs, and communication programs.

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