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if she lived another 6 light years away.- I think that really was amusing; "6 light years away."- I guess ya ha Da be there. -I hate t`be a blackcloud, but wha`dowe dowith Alf... if she lived another 6 light years away.- I think that really was amusing; "6 light years away."- I guess you had to be there. - I hate to be a black cloud, but what do we do with Alf... From George Foody: On today, the Day of Archaeology I am currently part of CUROP (Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme), aiming to investigate prehistoric cooking practices at feasting sites in Britain.

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It is not clear whether meat was filleted or cooked whole on the bone, this is important as methods of food preparation are often seen to have significant meanings.

By analysing collagen in bone samples under a TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) we hope to identify whether these bones were cooked.

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Despite the fact that this is only the first week of the programme CUROP has already provided me with experience in a lab, sample preparation and opportunity sharpen my bone identification skills.

Overall I’m thoroughly enjoying this Day of Archaeology being at CUROP, investigating archaeology.

The first two Sorted cookbooks, A Recipe for Student Survival and A Rookies Guide to Crackin' Cooking, were self-published in 20 respectively through "Co-Incidence Ventures" and released in both paperback and hardback editions.

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