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The build up to John Mason’s November 30th, 1858, patent for the Mason jar, which ultimately revolutionized food preservation, began with Robert Arthur in 1855.

That’s when Arthur introduced a wax seal on a metal jar.

The only options for them was to use tin cans and solder them shut, or to plug their fruit jars—a term used by bottle maker Thomas Dyott—with corks, a practice that dated to the Colonial Era.

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Rochester agreed to prep Jackson to go easy and be patient while I answered all of Louise’s questions.

As fun as these parties are, some couples have asked for special, more individualized “coaching” and I am happy to do that as well as you can read in the following paragraphs.

Courses may not count toward both the elective and concentration requirements.: Students should normally take this seminar in the Fall of their Junior year.

Where compelling circumstances make doing this impossible, arrangements to take the course as a senior may be made with the director of the American Studies program.): Seniors must complete either a one-credit research project and essay of approximately 30 pages, or, if otherwise qualified, a two-credit honors thesis of approximately 70 pages.

It’s a great ice breaker and everyone gets a huge kick out of it.

After introducing my friend Jan to IR sexing, I saw an opportunity to make a positive difference in fighting racism while at the same time opening up a wonderful world of sexual fulfillment by getting black guys and white women (mostly married) together.

Right now I’d like to hear from you…Does the thought of a woman taking you from behind turn you on?

It was a rousing, howling success way beyond my fondest hopes!

To qualify for the writing of an honors thesis, a student must have a GPA of at least 3.5 in courses taken for the major.

As a general rule, no more than one course from a study abroad program will be counted towards the fulfillment of the minor.: A minimum of eleven courses including AMST 0209, AMST 0210, AMST 0400, three AMST electives, four courses in a concentration designed in consultation with a faculty advisor, and AMST 0705 (senior research tutorial).

See our dream girls in pain, bound and helpless - they has to swallow piss and sperm without ending!

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