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The bodies were uncovered by accident in 2003 at separate commercial peat workings just 25 miles (40 kilometers) apart.

Peat wetlands in northwest Europe are well-known for their bog bodies. A team lead by researchers at the National Museum of Ireland studied the two bodies.

Male grooming has an ancient history in Ireland, if the savagely murdered bodies of two ancient "bog men" are anything to go by.

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“Once a client expresses an interest we meet with them and go into minute detail about them from their childhood to the present day, their work history, their interests and things they’re passionate about,” he said.

“(Then) we develop a profile that has to be approved by the client.

Researchers say the men were probably wealthy, well-connected individuals.

Living well over 2,000 years ago, both were tortured and killed while in their early 20s, possibly as ritual sacrifices.

When the Secret Diamond Club launched in Britain two weeks ago, its server crashed because of the volume of women logging on to upload their profiles.

The idea of being wined and dined by wealthy men who can afford a yearly membership costing up to £60,000 was clearly an attractive prospect.

(One ex-GF of mine had the uncanny ability to attract super-rich men, but her hotter model friend was stuck dating married losers) The problem is that something has gone wrong on these dates, and without more details it’s hard for me to extrapolate.

But I think it’s likely that you’re giving off obvious gold-digging vibes.

Even ones who are only 6s or 7s would make outrageous demands: 00~00 cash each month; expensive restaurants and hotels only, no staying-at-home watching Netflix.

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