Dating walking wounded updating my mountain bike

Statistically for men, second marriages fail at a much higher rate than first marriages.The reason is simple, and it's critical every woman contemplate it before marrying a divorced man.On the surface, the Achiever may look like the dream woman of the 1990s. If you're the kind of guy who's not put off by high-powered women, you find it flattering that she's chosen you over all the high-powered guys she meets at work.

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Many men fail to glean the lessons from their failed marriages and consequently never heal their wounds.

Many aren't even aware they're the walking wounded.

You enjoy the fast pace, the time-is-more-important-than- money lifestyle.

You even have occasional fantasies of being a kept man, of living a life of leisure on her terrific salary.

While he waited on a comfortable adjustment, Smith depended on a wheelchair. Today a double amputee can do more than just stand.

One recent morning a pair of 20-something soldiers wearing black shorts and gray T-shirts with the word Army printed in black jogged beside a busy street near the entrance to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Recuperating at a military hospital outside of Washington, D.

C., Smith couldn’t stand on his prosthetics for more than a few moments.

His widow, Tracey, who was contacted by PTSD and veteran health advocate group Walking Wounded about having her husband featured in the poster, says the posters were there to help.

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