Dating surviving and thriving in the social scene

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Nothing prepared me for the day I looked at him and saw the way he looked back and knew he simply no longer loved me. The thing that took the most effort to understand was how this man – the one I’d pledged to spend the rest of my life with, the one who knew me like no one else — could suddenly become such a total stranger to me.

I knew things weren’t good between us but I carried on regardless, convinced it was my fault and that if I kept on trying - became a better cook, a better listener, sexier, thinner - something would snap into place and he would wake up and remember how much he wanted to be with me And yet it was far from the end.

Over the past 16 years I’ve helped hundreds of people pick through the wreckage and emerge not just intact, but in a better place.

So here I’m sharing my road map through a break-up — ways both to survive the devastating end of a marriage and to thrive beyond it, too.The divorce was the worst possible thing at the time — but overcoming it was also an incredible lesson.And once I finally learned to move past my divorce, the future seemed much brighter.I made the trip a couple Novembers back, and this state, isolated and wild, became a new home and a new start for me.I fell for the people, the landscape and the feeling of freedom in this place. I was just divorced and looking to start my life again in this place. I went through the adjustment period of being alone, I found a lot about myself and I started feeling like I wanted to date again.I read through the posts and mail and such surrounding the gentleman's letter, and I couldn't help but sympathize with him. The Army brought me up here, and though I am still active duty, my contract will expire here.

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