Dating site for animal lovers

For some people, the term 'pets' is a misnomer, because the little animals that live in their house are really just part of the family.

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Pet Brags: This site bills itself as the My Space of the pet world.

A great place to get together with other pet lovers, set up a web page for your pet, and then add information, media and more.

So, if you know that the person you will end up with has got to be an animal lover, then of course it makes sense to consider online dating and social networking sites that focus on pet owners.

While there are (now) a large number of sites with just such a focus, many sites now specialize in specific types of pets (or little friends)..owner sites, cat owners sites, etc.

However, distances are negligible in Ireland compared to the vast stretches of North America.

Animal lovers often need a place where they can interact.

While the waiting room of veterinary practice can be a good way to meet other pet lovers.

However, sometimes it is more efficient — and fun — to meet people online.

Here are 25 awesome social networking sites for animal lovers: These pet social networking sites are aimed at pets of all kinds.

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