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Pros: Sawdust is economical, readily available, and easy to use. Con: Some wood is treated with oils and chemicals that can be harmful to children and small animals, so use caution when storing and using. They are small, so you’ll need to “stack” then with other steel wool or combine it with another stuffing.

Buy: While your local big box home improvement store may not willingly hand over their leftovers (citing possible liability), your local wood shop or handy next door neighbor may be more generous. Cons: Can be a challenge to compact and not weighty. Cons: Abrasive Buy: Local hardware or Dollar stores or Pro: Walnut Shells are economical and easy to find.

Even naturally dyed clothing could be relatively colourful, and while laws prohibited some colours to some classes, a poor woman could avoid looking dowdy by good use of mixing of colours for her wardrobe, limited though it may have been.

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The Singer 319K was a very similar sister model to the 306K made between 19.

The Singer sewing machine models 206, 306, 319 & 320 models used a removable bobbin case which takes special type 55623 large capacity bobbins.

Each site requires registering for their free membership to download and print patterns.

Registration only takes a few minutes and you are not sharing any personal financial information.

I could not find my sewing machine listed on your website, where can I go for more information?

I heard about machines being "badged", what does this mean? We cannot cope with this number of individual mails and now ask that all such queries be channeled through the ISMACS digest -- it's free and easy to sign up -- click here.

You want it to be heavy enough to stay in place when using, so choosing the right filler is a must.

Here’s a list of some of the more popular ones, their pros and cons, and where you can find them.

It is essential that ONLY the correct type 206x13 needles are used in these models, or else serious damage can result.

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