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Tech leaders are taking a stand against Donald Trump.

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His last opera, the epic Guillaume Tell (William Tell), replete with its iconic overture, helped usher in grand opera in France.

After composing thirty-nine significant operas in nineteen years Rossini retired from the theatre in 1829.

We adopted a nine year old shepherd from the animal shelter named Tosca. I even like to think she saw herself as my guardian and me as her pup.

But seeing her age she only lived for a couple of years. I started looking around for a new dog, a new friend.

My parents (along with most of their generation) judge by sight and smell. All this perfectly edible, safe, industry food waste, from the supermarkets and big food suppliers.’ He pauses.

We live in fear of the ‘Best before’ date (rather than the ‘Use by’, which should be treated with a lot more respect). But they don’t live in thrall to those Best befores. And I’d never throw a bone away before looting its goodness for stock. I saw, with my entrepreneur’s hat on, a basic mismatch between demand and supply.In the 21st century, millions of Britons suffer in food poverty, some hardly able to give their children a proper breakfast. It is, quite simply, shameful, an embarrassment and disgrace. And anyone who wants to donate, please get in contact. ‘And at the same time, a number of charities struggling to pay for food for the homeless, poverty-stricken and mentally ill.’ And so The Felix Project was born.‘It’s very simple,’ he continues. I wish I could say I waste nothing but the oink of a pig and rise high above the rotten fray, a high priest of parsimony. Sure, the ragged leaves, mouldy tomatoes and drooping carrots disappear off to the guinea pigs. ‘I remember Felix playing a football game against some boys in south London,’ says Byam Shaw, ‘and he found out that most of the boys hadn’t had anything to eat that day. And I was looking for some charitable activity in which to commemorate Felix. Thank God, then, for The Felix Project, a rather brilliant charity set up by entrepreneur Justin Byam Shaw, in memory of his son, Felix, who died tragically, aged 14, from meningitis.Her voice sounded reassuring and her facial expression didn’t change, so I thought everything was going to be okay. I remember thinking “that isn’t so bad, cancer can be cured right? I held her andshe licked away my tears comforting me. Until this day I am still wondering what went through her mind. I thought that if I hadn’t anything she would have lived at least one more day.. When the moment was there, my mom and I drove to the Airport Schiphol and awaited him. “What if he doesn’t like me, of what if I don’t like him!? My mom assured me it would be fine, and gave me a bag of treats that I could give to him.

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