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The cover art is especially bizarre with the rapper’s head blown up like a balloon with a sad sack expression on his face. XXL reports that Def Jam earmarked the release date as Aug. As he previously stated earlier this year, the EP will follow the story of a rising rapper who turns to suicide and will be told in reverse chronology.

D., James Blake and DJ Dahi have contributed music on the project.

In addition, Staples also plans to shoot a short film to accompany the EP with famed director Nabil Elderkin helming the visuals.

He can’t seem to shake these hallucinations as his hotel room becomes nightmarish, walls shaking as “War Ready” plays. “Need a breather from the tripping/ Either that or my brains to the ceiling.”Vince Staples, Rap's Acclaimed Iconoclast, On His Ambitious ' Prima Donna' EP & Why ' Trump Is No Better or Worse Than Any of These People' Things only get darker from there.

Seconds later, we hear “Loco,” where Vince raps darkly about “Kurt Cobain dreams.” In the song, a housekeeper knocks on his door while he stares at the bathroom mirror, firearm in hand. “She’s trying to get the bed straight/ No room to think/ Kaboom on the sink.”Staples shoots a gun at the man in the mirror, the blast creating a hole hole in the wall that a gleeful audience peaks through and applauds.

You can catch Staples performing at several festivals this summer.

He’ll be performing at the Maha Music Festival in Omaha, Neb., this Saturday (Aug.

Vince has an incredible track record when it comes to visuals, so a pairing with Nabil sounds perfect.

Check out the cover art for the EP above, and see the tracklisting for it below.

26 with fans being able to pre-order limited edition vinyl copies starting Aug. Only 5,000 pieces are available and they are each numbered and autographed by Vince.

As for the track list, there’s only two guest appearances: A$AP Rocky on “Prima Donna” and Kilo Kish on “Loco.” On the production front, producers No I.

, was a two-disc missive that looked back on the summer of turning 13, when Staples said he felt his life beginning to turn — yet it also dealt with being in his early 20s and measuring the distance he had traveled since losing his innocence.

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