Dating practices in turkey

Whether you're headed to one of Turkey's beautiful cities, the arresting countryside, or the incredible beaches, you'll have your own personal tour guide and a supremely romantic trip with your someone special. They place a huge emphasis on cultural and economic exchange with countries around the world, and Istanbul is considered the western world's gateway to the east.With the influx of trade and international emphasis, Turkey's big cities have become incredible mosaics of western and eastern culture, hosting theatre, music, and art festivals that bring in artists from around the world.Here are 2 easy tips from me regarding to Turkish dating culture: Turkish boys don’t like the “easy girls”, so play it hard if you are a girl.

But don’t worry if you are going to study in Turkey.

In most cities students in universities are liberal like western countries.

The same goes for the tombs of Islamic saints, too, if the tomb is not named “museum” officially.

If you don’t have a shawl or a scarf to put on your head, you can borrow one at the entrance.

Turkish people understand that visitors are usually not aware of Turkish culture and customs, and tend to be tolerant of blunders in this regard by foreigners.

There are, however, some which will meet with universal disapproval, and these should be avoided at all costs: Because of religious traditions, all women are required to wear head scarves and not to wear miniskirts or shorts upon entering a mosque (or a church and synagogue).

Social gatherings You will probably find yourself invited to a wedding or a circumcision party by a Turkish person even if you have only known them for a couple of days.

The motto here is the more the merrier and the word stranger is not even thought of.

Whether you're a carnivore or veggie, Turkish food is always varied and always delicious.

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